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Mercy Primary School, Belfast

May is the Month of Mary

1st May 2020

As we begin the month of May, we remember the different ways we can celebrate Jesus' mother Mary. May is Mary's month! Sometimes we refer to Mary as Our Lady.

One of the ways to celebrate Mary is to create a May altar at home. This can be as simple as creating a little table with some flowers, blossom, a picture or statue of Our Lady or some Rosary beads. Some people like to make floral crowns and crown their statues of Our Lady. Some of the pictures show us how we can decorate our May altar. 

Mary has a very special prayer called the Rosary. We use Rosary beads to pray the Rosary. It is a very powerful prayer that can help us during hard times. The picture of the Rosary beads shows us how we pray the Rosary and how you can pray it at home with your family. 

Make sure to send pictures of your May altars, pictures of Mary and ways you are celebrating May the month of Mary to your teacher!